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Real Estate

Location drives real estate, and location-based data lets your business understand location like never before.

Location, Inc. provides one of the richest sets of data and analytics for the real estate industry available today. For REITs, national and regional real estate companies, MLS, investment, commercial real estate and more, our exclusive real estate data accessible by neighborhood or by property address will let your business understand location like never before. And profit from it.

In particular, Location, Inc.’s real estate, house values, and neighborhood appreciation rates are unmatched. Our exclusive neighborhood crime data, our patent-pending nationally-comparable school ratings and data, fraud risk index for mortgage and refinance, and our lifestyle segmentation and demographic data can all be licensed to provide your company with unparalleled knowledge about the trends and trajectories of neighborhoods, and can be provided to your clients as well.

In addition, our site selection search engine can empower you to cost-effectively target the specific neighborhoods and even street intersections that are best for your investment, your business, or your clients.

We are here to work with you to license one, two, or more data layers for your business that will change the way you look at location, and how you profit from real estate.