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The Risk of Crime and Auto Theft Varies Far More Between Neighborhoods within a City than it Does Between Cities. Know where the Risk is greatest.

Location, Inc. provides the most detailed and accurate neighborhood crime risk analytics available today. Crime risk indices, property crime risk, violent crime risk, even motor vehicle theft risk, by neighborhood, pullable by street address. National coverage, available to license in shape file format for use behind your firewall.

We also have exclusive neighborhood auto collision risk indices for every neighborhood in America. These data allow your company to assess risk of your insured being hit by other cars and drivers, despite their own driving record. It all depends on where they live, and where they park the car.

We have nearly 100 crime risk data elements in our spatial file, developed in-house from proprietary algorithms and built from more than 17,000 local law enforcement agencies nationwide. Location, Inc.’s other data sets on demographics, home prices and values, and more can also help your company effectively evaluate opportunity, risk, and define markets for financial products.

Contact us today to see sample data and discuss how these data can allow your insurance company to proactively manage risk exposure with new data before your competition.

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