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Crime Data and Crime Risk

Know the crime risks for any U.S. address, instantly

Location, Inc®’s SecurityGauge® offers the most spatially accurate crime risk data available today. Our new disruptive technology delivers 10-Meter spatial resolution and proven accuracy up to 98%.

Crime Risk Heatmap Predict how likely any major type of crime is to occur at any home or business address, or at any GPS coordinate. Instant. Objective. Accurate. Use our simple 1-5 crime risk ratings along with detailed, vivid maps to convey risk to executives and clients. Or, dig into our high resolution 0-5,000 index with five year trend and forecast information to perform statistical analysis on hundreds, thousands or millions of addresses. Crime risk ratings are provided for the seven major UCR crime types including the violent crime types of robbery, aggravated assault, sexual assault and homicide and property crime types of larceny, burglary and vehicle theft. The complete crime risk data set includes over 160 variables.

Crime rates can impact risk exposure, real estate values and investment, insurance rates for your facilities, the cost of security staffing and more. These data are designed for use by a variety of industries including insurance, real estate, corporate and employee relocation, direct marketing, retail and other industries. For example, combining these data on crime risk with household income data from our demographic data file reveals the locations most suited to marketing home security systems.

Sample SecurityGauge heatmap and summary


Insurance losses have a proven correlation to our address specific crime risk analytics. Fire, theft, vandalism and liability for home and commercial property are statistically linked to our crime risk index. There’s also a significant relationship between crime risk and bodily injury, medical, personal injury protection and comprehensive for auto. Contact us to see loss ratio and multivariate test results for over 20 million insurance records.

Real Estate values, insurance rates and tenant safety are highly influenced by crime risk. Know the precise risks at any business or residential address and how they compare to the nation, state and county, before you invest. Our data also include a 5-year crime risk forecast so you can make informed, strategic investments. Educational & Government researchers seek out and acquire our high fidelity crime risk analytics for studying links between crime and health or other human environmental

Educational & Government researchers seek out and acquire our high fidelity crime risk analytics for studying links between crime and health or other human environmental factors. We’re proud to be repeatedly selected by some of the top research universities in the country for their research. Our crime data is also used by state departments’ of housing comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act when allocating tax credits for the construction of affordable housing.

Retailers guide store site selection decisions by proactively forecasting risk of shrink and violent crimes at new stores. Loss prevention teams make security allocation decisions with the help of objective, comprehensive crime risk reporting. Omni channel retailers can uncover the risks of fraud at point of delivery with our address-specific risk ratings for every U.S. address.

Physical Security personnel use our precision crime risk maps and scores to uncover vulnerabilities for security planning. Guard & Security Service companies find our data beneficial for marketing services to prospects and post-sale consultation for planning security allocation with clients. Physical security professionals for banks, financial institutions, restaurants, high tech and many other industries use our crime risk analytics to perform annual risk assessments and to convey risks to executives for security budget approvals.

Site Selection teams need good market information, and crime risk data is part of that. Know how any address compares to any other with objective, precision crime risk data, maps and forecasts, before you spend valuable resources on the ground or deploy capital.

Home Health providers can use our Crime Risk API to instantly know the risk of crime at any address, before you send a health care professional to the door. Reduce risk to your company and your employees immediately.

Can’t use 10 meter resolution data sets? Location, Inc. also offers our best in class crime risk data for census blocks, block groups, census tracts, zip codes, cities, school attendance zones, and other geographies of interest.

Access Via: PDF reports, API, Flat file, Bulk batch runs.

Complete national coverage including Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands.

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