About Us

We're data geeks.

Our mission is simple. What we do is not.

Location, Inc. is a SaaS company. We build and deliver Big Data about locations. Our SaaS products, analytics and mapping tools power the business intelligence behind risk assessment and management, site selection, market analysis, and real estate investments for the Fortune 500 and beyond. Our Goal: Build the best location-based technologies possible to empower businesses to make informed decisions that translate to increased revenue and reduced costs.

Only the best, nothing else.

We are inventors. Many of our location-based SaaS technologies are patented, patent-pending, exclusive or proprietary, and have been refined over a decade of research and real-world validation. We pride ourselves in methodologies of the highest caliber utilizing a rigorous, quality-testing regime to ensure precision at every step.

Precision Without Compromise

Our data are hand-crafted works of art. We obsess over quality. That’s why companies rely on Location, Inc. SaaS products and analytics for the most critical of decisions. Products you can trust. Our data don’t redline – ever; we deliver precision without compromise, while never using data on protected classes to deliver on that precision. All of our data and products are 100% made by expert analysts right here in the U.S. We are the real deal.

Our Customers

Since 2000, more than 65 million people and businesses have leveraged Location, Inc. SaaS products and data to fuel major investments, mitigate risk, protect company assets and budget resources. While we can’t list the companies we work with due to confidentiality agreements, their industries are wide-ranging and include Government, Insurance, Retail, Security, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare and more. Our SaaS products and location-based data are deliverable via the web, API, formatted reports, or by flat file. Learn how we can help your business increase revenue, save money, mitigate risk and invest intelligently. Contact Us.

Management Team

With more than 100 years collective experience in SaaS, location-based data and mapping, “geek” is our middle name. We’ve applied our backgrounds in geographic research, statistics, computer science and innovative technologies to build great applications and revolutionize the predictive risk analytics space. When these brains collide, anything’s possible.


CEO and Chair

Andrew is the Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist of Location, Inc. He is responsible for inventing the search, data synthesization, and neighborhood matching algorithms that power Location, Inc.’s site selection search engine and NeighborhoodScout.com, and is also responsible for designing reports for various media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Money Magazine, Parade Magazine, The New York Times, AOL, and others. Prior to founding Location, Inc., Andrew received his Ph.D. in Geography from Clark University's Graduate School of Geography, America's oldest and largest geography Ph.D. program. Previously he was a scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Atomic Energy Complex. He was also a Director of Science for the Nature Conservancy's Tennessee Chapter. He has conducted research and published with Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Stanford University. He is an expert in statistics, demographic analysis and interpreting the relationships among environmental, social and economic conditions.



Barry is the co-founder, former Chairman, and CEO of MapQuest.com Inc. where he successfully raised two major rounds of venture capital funding and oversaw the launch of MapQuest.com, the first and most successful consumer and business-to-business mapping and routing website, growing the business to $35 million in revenue and 350 employees. Since his departure from the company, Glick has been an active investor in the location-based information business Capital. He also currently serves as the Chairman of Webraska, Inc., a leading location-based services company, which powers the services and telematics offerings in four continents from companies such as Shell Mobile, E-Plus, Pacific Access, Orange, Telecom Italia Mobile, and Viag Interkom.



Owen is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist with a strong background in real estate. He is a founder and managing partner of Betaspring, a Providence-based startup accelerator; the founder and co-organizer of Connect Providence; and the founder and principal broker of Reagent, a real estate brokerage and property management firm. Owen sits on the board of the Providence Community Library and is a micro-trustee of the Providence Awesome Foundation. Past ventures include Investment Instruments, provider of online residential real estate service Rentometer.com; Interdimensions, a high-growth interactive agency; and The Webmasters' Guild, a 501(c)6 non-profit professional organization. Owen recently served on the board of directors of The Genesis Center, an adult education center in Providence. He holds an S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.



Peter is currently President of The Business Development Company of Rhode Island. Peter has more than two decades experience financing emerging and smaller established companies. At the Business Development Company since 1995, he has been responsible for underwriting and managing the company’s loan portfolio, which averages 40 companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Peter also serves as the Executive Director of the Cherrystone Angel Group, Rhode Island’s first angel investment group. He earned a B.A. degree in economics from Bucknell University and an MBA from the University of Rhode Island.


Vice President, Sales

In February of 2014, Andy rejoined the Location, Inc. team as Vice President of Sales. Andy is responsible for sales strategy and B2B revenue growth for Location, Inc. For five years prior to returning to Location, Inc., Andy worked his way up to Director of Commercial Sales for the Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc. Prior to joining Ipswitch, Inc., Andy was the Vice President of Business Development for Location, Inc. where he was responsible for developing key relationships with companies such as ZipRealty, RealtyTrac and AOL Real Estate. Andy also has over 20 years’ experience selling strategic software solutions to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. As a sales executive for BMC Software, he was responsible for managing major accounts such as Fidelity Investments, State Street Bank, and Liberty Mutual. Before originally joining Location, Inc., Andy was the Regional Sales Manager for AgentSpring, a software company headquartered in Winchester, MA. Andy was responsible for the sales and account development that eventually led to the acquisition of AgentSpring by BMC Software. Andy earned his B.A. from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.


Relocation Services Manager

Kathy manages NeighborhoodScout’s Relocation program and has helped more than 1,000 clients relocate since joining the Company in 2005. Prior to Location, Inc., Kathy was an Account Executive at Putnam Investments. In her spare time, Kathy volunteers and holds board of director positions with various non-profit and civic organizations, coaches youth sports, and is a Bootcamp enthusiast. (Yes, seriously.)


Sales, Business Data Solutions

Corey joined Location, Inc. in 2012 to lead the sales of our expanding B2B products to Fortune 500 security, retail, insurance and other companies seeking cutting edge, Big Data risk mitigation solutions. Prior to Location, Inc., he held several positions in high tech from engineering to sales. Corey is the primary inventor on several patents and enjoys the outdoors.


Operations Manager

Patty is responsible for Location, Inc.’s internal operations and assists the CEO in planning and organizing Company strategy and budgets. She works closely with the products, sales and development teams and oversees a variety of HR, facilities and finance functions for the Company. Patty is a self-proclaimed recycling addict and enjoys antiquing, trail-running, and the subtle art of Repurposing.